Hypnotic inductions for fun

Working Obsidian


It’s been said that obsidian is a very difficult stone to work – very reluctant to activate, requiring great strength and patience to invoke its power. Very few people can. You’re looking at one of the few who make obsidian their primary power focus.

Obsidian’s power is a pull, that feels so physical, as if the stone exerts a gravitational force that draws you in towards it, your mind becoming so focused on the stone that it becomes the only thing in your world.

That pull draws your attention and focus towards it like a magnet, filling your entire world, becoming more physical than mental.

My ambition is to use a stone like this, in some public venue, where the compulsion can operate over its natural target – a crowd. A pull, that powerful, drawing every mind in the crowd, locked in, focused, able only to think of the stone, drawn inexorably towards it, towards the silence of your conscious mind.

And if you do drop, click here to follow further instructions, and drop some more.


So Sleepy

Do you wonder why you come to this site all the time now? Why you come back over and over, waiting for a new spiral to appear?

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You’ve been looking for motivation to do this thing you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t yet done. You know what you’re looking for, but you want to summon up the energy to do it.

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Let Me In

Today, I want you to imagine something for me.

I want you to imagine the time that you are asking me to trance you. At the end of this, you will be in a trance, and a very deep one. So if you want to enjoy a trance, please continue to imagine with me.

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There is a power in being able to let go, to be able to access that still, small voice inside you and to call upon the resources which your unconscious mind commands.

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Video: Doctor In Clover Dance Scene

This is always a favourite on April 1.

Persuasion and Hypnosis

Consider how hypnosis is touted as a tool of irresistible persuasion. Once I have my hooks in your mind, my every command becomes your wish, and you do whatever I tell you.

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The Secret Language Of High Vibration Words – A Seven-Day Journey

I’ve been on a long quest to improve myself, which only counts if my efforts to improve myself also improve the lives of the people I surround myself with and with whom I am connected.

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The Architect Dream from 2007-04-20

Ten years ago, 2007-04-20, I had this dream, below the jump.

It turns out that it had been 95 years since Bram Stoker’s death, and also the day I turned exactly 16,000 days old.

On the tenth anniversary, I am bringing it here and reproducing it on my Blogger blog, because I cannot keep it on my LJ blog much longer – I aim to delete my ancient blog, The Plainclothes Clown, some time before my birthday.

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