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Op-Ed: What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the interface between sensation and engram; between what you are perceiving, and the way your brain is programmed to respond to those sensations.

If the sensations operate on an unconscious level, we call it “instinct,” because our conscious minds do not register the sense of being in control of our actions. If there is a fire, unless we have firefighter training our instincts kick in and we flee the scene. Our brains might even blank out – our unconscious minds have too much on their plate getting away from the fire to store the record of the sensations felt in long-term memory, meaning that we forget what happened when new memories obliterate what was still in the short-term memory. This is particularly true of moments of heightened passions, such as fear, blinding anger or sexual intercourse.

When the stimuli are non-urgent, meaning that our minds can process them consciously (and therefore really slowly, compared to the way the unconscious mind operates), we call our actions “consciousness” and delude ourselves that our conscious thoughts and choices are who we are.

But in truth, that which we call the “conscious mind” is just the interface between your programmed responses and the signals coming in from your sense organs to the brain.

Consciousness is, as it were, a flame. Sensory signals are the oxygen; the engrams are the fuel, or maybe the catalyst. Where they meet, consciousness exists.

To paraphrase Bulwer-Lytton, who once said “Art and science have their meeting point in method,” it could be said that “Sense and engram have their meeting point in consciousness.”

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The Secret Language Of High Vibration Words – A Seven-Day Journey

I’ve been on a long quest to improve myself, which only counts if my efforts to improve myself also improve the lives of the people I surround myself with and with whom I am connected.

It’s been ages since I posted to this blog, but then again it has been ages since I have had anything worthwhile to say – and I’ve always reserved this blog for the more profound posts, the ones that matter to my readership as much as to myself.

So this week, I’m going to be reviewing and going through an ebook which I just obtained and skimmed through.

This ebook, titled The Secret Language Of High Vibration Words, is available online for free. It is only 18 pages long, but densely structured.

“This course will provide you with 7 powerful days of practice so you can start expanding your meaning of words and in turn expanding the possibilities in your world. And when this course is over you can continue to use these tools as often as you wish to tap into that vibration to enhance your energy!
Using these tools to create energetic alignment with your future as well as reprogram the existing beliefs in your subconscious mind will catapult you toward your dream life.”

So, for the next week, I’ll be looking at this ebook and following the instructions within, and cataloguing what effects are generated through these exercises.

The Architect Dream from 2007-04-20

Ten years ago, 2007-04-20, I had this dream, below the jump.

It turns out that it had been 95 years since Bram Stoker’s death, and also the day I turned exactly 16,000 days old.

On the tenth anniversary, I am bringing it here and reproducing it on my Blogger blog, because I cannot keep it on my LJ blog much longer – I aim to delete my ancient blog, The Plainclothes Clown, some time before my birthday.

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Simple Exercise

Here is a simple relaxation exercise for you to try out. It only takes a few moments, and I have only attempted it once or twice, but it is highly relaxing.

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I stumbled across this beautiful image on tumblr the other day. I showed it to one of my clients, and she found it impossible to look away from it.

Something about the scintillating bright spots glittering in the picture just seems to make your eyes feel heavy, your facial muscles relaxing as you breathe out, just wanting to let go and drop gently into a deeper state already, having already unconsciously dropped and only becoming consciously aware of it now, and three … two … one … and, with your eyes still open. drop.


Drop, with your eyes still open, gazing at the spiral, not thinking, not feeling, no longer aware of where you are, who you are or what you are doing.

Drop, as your jaw slackens, your muscles relax and your gaze is drawn ever more deeply into the heart of the spiral.

Drop, as your oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin levels surge and soar, and whenever you see one of my spirals now or in the future, you’ll always feel your oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin levels surge and soar, even as you are now twice as susceptible to my spirals and hypnotic scripts from now on.

Drop, your eyes still wide open, your conscious mind vacated, entering a deep trance, the depth of your being unfolding beneath you to swallow you up.


Drop, now.

Drop, and when you are ready, follow this link here and follow the instructions.

Getting Into Trances

What are you a natural at doing? What makes you a natural in that particular skill?

What is the story behind your natural talent? Why do you excel at this ability?

Now what if I told you that you have another talent, just as natural, that you have probably used ten times more often, and is even more natural, and even more useful, and you’re experiencing it even now, although perhaps only unconsciously.

Getting into trance is nothing like the experience depicted in the popular media. You do not have to stare at a spiral on a screen; it is not like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. All you have to do is to follow your natural ability, the one thing everybody can do, and let your mind slip into that state that you experience just before you fall asleep.

You know that state. And yet you don’t. But it’s that easy to do.

See? You really are a perfect natural. Go to this page now for your reward.

Why Use Spirals?

Someone asked me why it is that we use spirals to hypnotise our clients. The answer is very simple. We give you something to focus your attention on. And as you focus your attention on the intricate swirling design, and as the image becomes the only thing in the world, your unconscious mind is reaching. Connecting. Awakening.

And as your conscious mind reaches the limit, when you just have to relax and let go of the strain, and you realise how relaxed you already are, you just let go and enter hypnosis now, and click here to follow to another page with instructions.

Up And Running

It’s been a hell of a month. It began with a kitchen refit which left every room of my place cluttered with kitchen stuff – who knew I had so much junk in there? – and it moved on from there to a refit of one of my blogs, which got hacked. Continue reading “Up And Running”

Making Sense Of … Robert Greene’s Mastery

A Long, Winding Road

Of Robert Greene’s five books, his fifth – Mastery – is exceptional. Mastery has the shortest title. Mastery is the second smallest book in terms of its size (The 50th Law is, so far, the smallest). And Mastery breaks the mould in another way: it is the most complex of all of the books so far released. Continue reading “Making Sense Of … Robert Greene’s Mastery”

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