This site and blog contain hypnotic inductions, instructions intended to induce hypnotic trances in the readers.

The blog was created in part because it was necessary to extract the various induction scripts from the parent blog, The Hypnotician, and concentrate them all in a single place, which would in turn become a handy online toolkit for client sessions.


I provide Skype sessions, face-to-face sessions and house calls. Charges vary, depending on distance, expenses, number of sessions you would like to book and the type of service you are looking for. Personal and business rates are on offer.

The Focus Gallery

Below, you will find a gallery of hypnotic patterns. If you are looking for a quick, relaxing trance, click on any one of the images and just allow yourself to drift into the picture. Your breathing will slow down, the tensions will slip away and you will enter a profound sense of peace. At some point, your thoughts will slip into nothing, and at that point, as your mind enters a trance state, contact me.

Contacting Me

I prefer initial emails to initial telephone calls, and I prefer physical meetings in calm public spaces. Safety first, both for myself and for you as my client.

Despite the understanding that initial meetings have a serious intent, expect the atmosphere to be light and the discussions cordial; I would probably be sizing you up, as much as you would be assessing my character. Nothing is to be signed at that first meeting – if we were to go to the stage of entering into an arrangement, any contract signings would take place further down the line, in a rather more formal business environment.

If this sounds as if I prefer to be in control – I am a hypnotist by trade.

To find out more about what I offer, go to the Contact page.