This site and blog contain hypnotic inductions which will induce hypnotic trances.

Originally, the blog catered for businesses, offering mindfulness and trances. But after a fallow period and a rethink, Inductions is back with a different purpose – to cater for individuals who want to experience the more hedonistic side of being hypnotised.

Recreational hypnosis, where you enter a trance and go on the ride of your life, inside your own mind.

The blog pages contain philosophical posts for you to contemplate. They also contain text hypnotic inductions and animated spirals like the logo, and the picture below, designed to draw in your consciousness, while you notice how your body is relaxing as you are drawn into its intricate pattern, and your mind drifts as you watch, deeper with each outbreath, until your consciousness drops away, and your unconscious can deepen your trance by clicking here.