Many beginners want to know what it is like to be hypnotised. You are curious yourself, or you wouldn’t be here. Usually, you would be given a spiral to look at immediately, and told to relax progressively, and you would relax and notice how much you enjoy that, but this preliminary exercise, for you to begin with here, is a bit of a guided meditation.
Have you ever gone in search of the source of your conscious mind before?

Most meditations begin with the subject finding a nice, quiet spot to themselves and a nice, quiet time, and if you want to start in such a place that would be great – but you don’t have to go and look for your nearest Buddhist temple to begin this search.
You don’t even have to be able to sit in a lotus position. Just sitting comfortably, the way you are right now, will do nicely. That’s right.
When you look for something as elusive as the root of your own conscious mind, it is very much like anticipating falling asleep. You are lying in bed, waiting for sleep to steal upon you, wanting to experience that moment when your conscious mind goes away and your unconscious takes over; but when it does, invariably your conscious mind is never focusing on staying conscious when the transition happens.
And when you are looking for the source of your conscious mind, something remarkable happens, that you never expect and always happens when you least expect it.
And it happens when consciously, you believe you are reading words and acting in full apparent awareness but unconsciously, you’ve already made the switch into a state of deep trance which is the only way you can perceive the root of your conscious mind, and you are ready to enter that state fully at any moment, and all it takes is one word from me and that state of mind takes over, and that word is now.
And when the transition occurs, your unconscious will act unconsciously, as it does, and respond by emailing this address here with “Hello. It is done” in the body of the email.
And once that is done, your unconscious mind can look up the latest hypnotic spiral in The Hypnotician, which is a great way of wrapping up this preliminary exercise. And that spiral can be found in this address here – – and you’ll call up that page and follow the instructions, then close down the tab for that page.
And all you will remember, from the conclusion of this exercise, is an image in your mind of a slow-burning paraffin flame on the end of a blackened wick in an old-fashioned lantern, seen close up, and you will email me and describe that image to me and tell me how you feel.