The Whisper Of Your Name
by Alex Greene

I know you’re wondering why
I post so little
Yet you notice how
I have so many followers
So many connections
And when you focus your attention
On how few words I post
How few words I speak
How many I pull in
You become aware of
Being pulled in too
So strongly
Right now

Others post a thousand words
I only post ten:-

Which words do you think
Make you pay attention more?

And as you notice the pull
I know you want to give in
To let it compel you
As it does so many others
So many others
You can but look
It’s as if my words are
A magnet for your gaze
A Siren cry for your soul
And in the end you find yourself
Unwilling to even try

It’s as if I know
What it is you want
Most of all
You want me to come
Inside you
Deep in your mind
My words filling you
Driving out your doubts
Burning out your fears
Expanding like a universe
Calling your attention
Thoughts driven out
Only my words
Brimming over inside
So very deep
Into the very open heart
Of you

Inside so hot
So far in
So deep
Warm inside
My words echo
Only my words
Like nothing you ever
A live trance state
And you know
That any time I
say your name
Instruct you
Talk to you
You jump
Your heart warms
Oxytocin surges
Dopamine elevated
Awash in serotonin
Hormones racing
Feel so good
All because I turn
To you
Smile at you
Say your name
And you know that
Even your name carries
Meaning and weight
And becomes something to
Be obeyed
And all I do is say your name
And it’s like a thousand words
In somebody else’s mouth
And that is what you want
My validation
My blessing
My saying your name
And then you realise
The power of your name
When I say it
When only I say it
And you’ll do anything
For me to bless you
With just the whisper
Of your own name.

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