This spiral looks, and feels, traditional, going back to a time when early hypnotists had arcane hand-cranked mechanical spiral hypnodisks set up on their desks to entrance their patients.

From the monochrome ambience to the graininess of the image, and you did notice the grainy artefacts, this old spiral brings you to days when you would be sitting in an office, tweeds, horn rimmed glasses, a purse in your lap if you were a woman, gazing at a large, hand-cranked, rotating metal disk.

And even as that settles in, and you imagine the rhythmic ticking and clicking of the spiral device, the spiral begins to draw you in, your gaze becoming fixed, and you notice how relaxed your body has become in just a few deep breaths, it is amazing how quickly you relaxed without you realising it.

And sooner or later, you find yourself gazing at the spiral and nothing else, as your body’s sensations drift away and you lose all focus on your body’s presence, and as your body relaxes your thoughts drift off, vanishing like bubbles, and as you sit watching the spiral already you have entered trance and you didn’t even know it.

And as the spiral fills your universe, monochrome and ticking and grainy, and that is all there is, you are in a trance right now and you are already unconsciously moving, moving, reaching to click this link to take you to another page for further instructions, and you slip under now and you follow the instructions now.