Some people are connoisseurs of fine wines, vintage cars or old books. Me, I am a connoisseur of hypnotic spirals.

The term “spiral” in this context refers to an animated gif image which contains an abstract pattern in constant, repetitive motion. The use of the word “spiral” comes from the archaic use of spirals to hypnotise people, back in the day – usually in the form of a cheap spiral on a small disk, which the hypnotist would proffer before the subject he wished to hypnotise.

This day and age, it is possible to use tools other than a rotating cardboard disk to hypnotise people. Gaze fixation is but one of several methods now available to hypnotists, and experimental new methods of inducing trances are being discovered or invented all the time. There is a whole industry devoted to finding new ways of trancing people.

Hypnotic spirals are a purely visual medium to induce trances. Part of the power of a spiral lies in the expectation: the subject knows, when she sits before a spiral, that she is expected to let that spiral’s turns and endless cycling of lights and colours just draw in the gaze. Lock the gaze into the centre or some fixed point. When you see a spiral, this is what you expect to happen, and so it does: the gaze somehow becomes locked in place, looking at the spiral, endlessly drawn further and further into its swirling patterns, its fascinating beauty, until you are rapt, captivated.

When you are looking at a spiral, your oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine levels surge. You relax, become lighter, brighter, happier as your muscles give up their tensions since they are not needed for fight or flight. Looking at the spiral becomes all-consuming: the spiral is all you see, all you can see, all you wish to see.

It is a joy to look at spirals, and you could look at the spiral below all day long. This spiral is a particularly fine vintage, because of its unprecedented power – it seizes and captivates the mind and body, reaches down into your very soul and commands you to look at it. Even if you were across the room doing something else, this spiral draws you towards it until, no matter what you have been doing, you will find yourself stopping what you were doing to look at this spiral.

It is magnificent, complex, beautiful and irresistible. Within twenty breaths of seeing this spiral for the very first time, you will be unable to stop sliding into a very deep trance. The more you look at it, the deeper your trance gets, and it gets to be very deep indeed.

When you enter a trance, remain where you are, looking deeply into the spiral for another ten minutes before clicking onto this link and going to a page where you will receive further instructions.

Deep Red
Click on this link