People have asked me what it’s like to enter a hypnotic trance. Without actually trancing them, it is difficult to describe.

Being hypnotised is like slowly falling into a very deep waking form of dream. At the onset of trance, and it begins without you knowing it or being aware of it, even if you are anticipating it, there’s a slight relaxation of the critical faculties of the brain, a part of you that goes “All right, let’s do this.” A part of you that lets go.

A part of you that wants to let go.

You have to understand: when you fall into a trance, which you could do at any time, without your even knowing it, it’s because you want it to happen. At a certain point, you go into a point where suddenly, you’re going ahead and letting those facial and head muscles relax, and your breathing is steady because you’re focusing only on what’s in front of you, like words on a screen, or a spiral, and the words are easy to follow but they sort of blur past you, but.

Power To The Pupil - Bill Tavis (tumblr)

Whichever way it goes, at some point your body is so relaxed that your shoulders and arms are totally relaxed, and your chest, and each breath you take is letting go further, and the relaxation spreads down to your torso, and then to your hips, each breath letting go a little more of the tensions, and the thing is, this feeling is so wonderful that you just have to let it go right to the end because you can’t imagine what your whole body would be like in a state of total relaxation.

And as the relaxation reaches your legs, spreading down to your toes, and your whole body knows what it’s like to be totally relaxed, any part of you that wanted to focus on anything that mattered to you before has given in and gone away by now, and you keep following the words on the screen even as you just cease to pay attention to them, just letting your unconscious mind do all the reading because you still see the pattern of the spiral even with your mind empty, and you want to see more, and all you want to do is to go back to the spiral you’ve seen, just scroll up when you get to the end of this, scroll up, put that spiral dead centre, stare at it for ten minutes solid, because you’ve not been able to let go of the violet and white, violet and white, the rippling patterns that fascinate, and when your unconscious mind is ready, click on the caption or the picture and let the link take you on to the next page where the next part of your journey awaits you.

You’ve got this far. Unconscious mind, go back to the spiral, look at it for ten minutes, deepen your trance with each breath, deepen the feelings, then click through. Do it now.