Each week, at the foot of the page, you will see a new focus spiral.

These spirals are offered to you as a means of focusing your attention on one spot. The more you focus, the deeper your mind gets drawn in.

I can’t stress how relaxing it is to enjoy looking at spirals. I used to enjoy watching rain fall in a puddle; how the fallen drops caused rings of ripples to spread out in all directions, merging and crossing the wave fronts of all the other ripples, then dying out when they reached the edges of the puddles.

Spirals are like that; you can look at one for a few seconds, and before you know it your entire body is relaxing as it becomes less important, when all your attention is drawn to the spiral, like the one coming into view now.

Colourful Swirls
Your unconscious can’t help but want to click here now

And as the spiral twirls, it is drawing in your attention, and your conscious thoughts are less important too and you let them go because all that matters is looking at the spiral, letting it fill your eyesight and there is nothing else there.

Just you, and the spiral, and your unconscious impulse to click here and follow instructions on this page.