Sometimes, the traditional approach is best – the client expects to see a swinging watch, or hear a ticking metronome, or in this case, a spiral.

Rainbow Shrink
Just follow the pattern

The term “spiral” is itself traditional, and it derives from the original designs which were spirals, slowly rotation disks being turned mechanically while you watched and the hypnotist would drone on about feeling very sleepy … very sleepy …

But the patterns now are more intricate. And some contain spirals, and some are pulsing with colour. Like this spiral. Look at those pulsing, shifting colours. They pull in the eye, like that one time you were looking at a puddle during a rain shower and all those little expanding ripple patterns from every raindrop and you wanted to watch the pattern, just like you’re following this pattern, too, and you cannot reach the end but you keep on pushing on, getting closer, your breathing slowing, your body being less important as all the muscles relax because you’re not needing to use them, just focusing on what’s important and that’s the pattern, the shifting colours, and you almost have it, and nine, and your heart rate’s slowed but you’re not feeling that because you’re not aware of your body any more, all the muscles are relaxed and eight, and here’s the pattern again.

Rainbow Shrink
and seven

and you’re almost there, so close, and your mind is so open, so ready to receive instructions, and you’re just about there, and the pattern is so beautiful and you want to get to the end and you’re almost there and six, and when you’re that close that nothing’s focusing any more and five, and you want to let go already and you need to let go and in a moment you are going to see the pattern again and four, and you’re so close now, and all you have to do and three is to let go, let go, let it all go, and in a moment you’re going to close your eyes and sink into a trance and let go and when you cross that threshold and your conscious mind will have gone with the pattern and it’s almost time and you’re on the threshold and two, and all you have to do is to follow these words and when you get to the end of the countdown you’ll be able to close your eyes and sink into trance and the instructions will follow below, and close your eyes for five minutes now and when you open them again you’ll be deeply in a trance and looking at the pattern and the instructions are below, and one.

Rainbow Shrink
And now, your instructions are below.

You will focus on this pattern for the next ten minutes. This pattern is the only thing in the world. Ten minutes, and then you will click on the spiral or follow the link to this page and follow further instructions.