Keep looking at these waves. Look at the gentle, rhythmic way they caress the sands of the shore, as the sun sinks in the West at the end of a long day.

Watch the play of the light on the waters. Rippling. Sparkling. The complex interplay of the lights as the sunlight shimmers in a column extending to the horizon just captivates your attention. You want to see the pattern, but the closer you are, the more intricate the rippling and sparkling.

And the sound of water, rhythmically lapping and rushing, lapping and rushing, the soft crash and gentle whoosh, over and over, over and over.

Like your slow breathing. Over and over. Over and over.

And your muscles. The muscles in your body, as they relax right now.

Your neck muscles loosen, and you really want to close your eyes right now, but you have to force yourself through a growing tiredness and heaviness to keep reading, because you have to get to the bottom, even though every part of you is so relaxed and you want to let go completely now.

But you don’t because you’re just looking at the waves again.


And as you’re looking at the waves again, as if for the first time, you are ten times more relaxed right now, and you want to close those eyes but until you get to the bottom you somehow manage to keep those heavy eyelids open, but your conscious mind is just floating free, floating free, as the waves crash and swoosh, over and over, over and over, like your breathing, slowing down as you get ready because the bottom of the page is approaching where you can close your eyes and let go.

And here it comes, the time when you can close your eyes completely, let go, your conscious mind gone, your unconscious mind open and awaiting instructions, and your eyes will remain fully closed and your conscious mind gone and your body relaxed completely now.

And after your eyes close and you have been fully entranced for four minutes, your unconscious mind will act without thinking, and click this link here when  your unconscious takes over as we reach the bottom of this page, and you finally sink back in your chair now, and your conscious mind is gone, and you can close your eyes now, and in four minutes, you will unconsciously click on the link and follow the further instructions.