What I do is all about wants and needs. Your wants. Your needs. My wants and needs.

In order to trance somebody successfully, they have to be able to enter a state of contentment; of needs fulfilled. There must be trust. Hypnosis deepens that state of trust. No trust; no trance.

This great power I hold; the power to warp minds, control perceptions and thoughts; none of it could work worth a damn if not for the willing cooperation of my subjects’ unconscious minds driving the trances.

That is, your unconscious minds.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be free?

There’s a feeling at the back of the head when you’re free. It’s in your head, and in your heart, and deep down. This is like no other sensation you can know. A lightness; a brightness. The weight is lifted. Time to fly.

Try it. Let it come upon you. That darkness inside you: see it slip away from you, falling away with each outbreath; the sackcloth of your worries and woes falling away, like snakeskin moulting, peeling away, being sloughed off, discarded. What’s left is an empty space inside begging to be filled with that light.

This is something you want. This is something everybody wants.

Let that light deepen in you. Spreading throughout every cell of your body. You relax more, your breathing slowing, deepening like your slowing heartbeat. Your back, your spine, unconsciously accustomed to hunching slightly, now loosens up, and the feeling of losing that weight on your shoulders, the one you realise you have been carrying all this time, is wonderful. You’re smiling now as you shed that fear, that darkness, that weight – all the chains that held you down.

The chains of all your wants, your needs, your fears and worries, all now gone, fading, evaporating, even now as you relax into peace, drawn to that peace, that silence, that freedom. Letting it fill your body is easy; it requires the absence of effort. Just letting it go. Drifting lower and lower.

You’re drifting, that weightless floating you get lying in a bath of scented warm water, surrounded by candlelight, the waters enclosing your body like a glove, every part of you warm, every part of you aglow from the candlelight, drifting so slowly, letting your body and mind go, committed to the drifting, the freedom, the lightness of being, the silence, the warmth, the light, the peace, drifting, empty, calm candle, drift water peace, relax scent free light warm candle water drifting, released to light warmth letting go as you hear the words counting down, each step bringing you closer and closer, freer and freer.


And deeper than this relaxation is something else. a deeper letting go. Your body, relaxing, starting with your head, neck, shoulders, working your way down.


The relaxation reaches your chest, travels down your arms, all the muscles loose and floppy, extending to your hands, your fingertips.


The relaxation goes all the way down, now, to your upper abdomen, spreading further.


And now you are relaxing all the way down to your hips, the entire upper half of your body now relaxed, and still it spreads, so wonderful to let it reach down.


And now your hips are relaxed as well, and the relaxation is heading down towards the lower part of your body, starting down the thighs.


The relaxation reaches to your knees, passes them, heads down past your calves.


And now you are relaxed as far as your ankles.


All the way down, now, past your heels, your uppers and soles, all the way down to your toes.


Your whole body is totally relaxed now, so relaxed, so ready to let go one final piece, and when I reach the next count you will let go completely, and


and sleep.

Total, deep sleep, complete and pure and absolute. Sleep now. Sleep totally now.


Everyone has wants and needs. It’s my pleasure to find out what those wants and needs are.

Go here now. There are more instructions to follow. You can then tell me all about your wants and needs.