For many years, the secrets of meditation have been kept confined to secluded monasteries in exotic, far-flung locations in the Far East, and the practice of meditation was something shrouded in mystery, its practitioners renowned for cryptic sayings and strange practices which seemed to make no sense to Western sensibilities.

However since the 1970s, meditation has gradually entered mainstream awareness, and now books on meditation of various different flavours line the shelves of bookstores all across the Western world.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is, simply put, a focused mind concentrating on a specific subject. Anybody can meditate, even sitting in front of a computer reading something from a laptop screen.

You can try it now, yourself. Right here. You already have all the resources you need to enter a meditative state. You have a mind willing to meditate, and you need nothing more. Just sit back and relax, take a deep breath, and let it go, and you can begin.

You may already have come closer to the perfect meditative state than you consciously know already. You have likely slipped into that state without your knowledge, through some mundane activity such as travelling to the shops.

A lot of people have very likely experienced what you did. When someone travels regularly between your home and the shops on a regular basis, you are likely to have slipped into a meditative state.

Previous Experience

You have already experienced a drive where you got into your car, and then found yourself at your destination with no knowledge or memories of the actual journey. Remember it; a long, perhaps boring, uneventful journey, sitting perfectly still where you are, the world passing you by.

You found it easy to allow your mind to slip into meditation, under such circumstances, because you had nothing to keep it in place during such a long drive. Just you, sitting there, doing the same thing, time and time again, over and over, over and over.

Easy enough to just think about that, to immerse yourself in that feeling. You are there. You have nowhere else to go, and nothing to do but just relax and focus on the sensations you can remember.

Textures of the seat under your body. Clothes on your back. Shoes on your feet.

Tastes. Coffee in the morning. Breakfast. Lunch. The taste and smell of food. Water from the faucet. The sound of it boiling in the kettle. Warm steam on your face.

Scents. The smells of the shops, the smells of the car.

Coffee taste. Main Street voices. The sounds. The smells. Warm steam.

Your body, relaxed, calm, just letting everything soak in. Lunch texture in your mouth. Scents of the car, morning, the bathroom late at night. Hand soap in the public stalls. Conversations all around.

And before you know it, you have entered that meditative state, and it all …

falls …

falls …

into place.

Just breathing deeply. So relaxed. So quiet. Nowhere to go. Nothing else to do. Just …

… calmly …


I am going to count down from 10, now, and when I get to 1 you will go into a deep sleep.


You are so drowsy.


Your lower body is so relaxed, now. It can’t move.


So relaxed, so peaceful. Your upper body is now relaxing.


You have let go of so much, but you haven’t got much further to go. You can barely keep your eyes open. Your shoulders, neck and head are relaxed.


You feel so so sleepy, but you can’t give up yet. Don’t struggle.


Halfway there. So tired. You really want to rest. No rest till you reach the bottom.


Nodding off, but you have to keep going. Let all the tensions go.


Keeping going, even though your body feels like lead.


Close now, and you can practically taste it. So close, now, but wait for it.


One last step to go, and then you can let it all go …

… and …


Down you go. Deep down.

Let it all go, and find your conscious mind going down

all the way into

a deep, deep

place where

there is nothing.

No memory. No sensation. No perception of being.

No awareness of the passing of time.

Just warmth, and peace.

All the last of your tensions focusing on one small point in your forehead, the last of your thoughts, the very last bit of awareness,

in the centre of your forehead,

coming out now,



drifting off,

floating away,


totally gone,

and your body relaxed, empty, filled with light, warmth, love,

full of warm glow,

like lying in warm water,

letting it buoy up your body,

all that buoyancy,

floating in warm light

and you lave totally let go now.

All the way deep …

… into …


Sleep now.

You realise how good it is?

All that tension, gone, and a blissful warm relaxation

like lying in a warm bath, the waters supporting your body weight


those thoughts and tensions cleared from your head

nothing but emptiness inside, filled with warmth and light and peace and love?

Feels wonderful, doesn’t it? To be totally relaxed now.

So good. Relaxing.

Whenever I say “secret sleep,” and there is then nothing else to do

but to concentrate on enjoying


and sinking ever deeper, deeper,

whenever I say “secret sleep,”

so good,

you’re okay to let go completely now,

whenever I say “secret sleep,”

let go completely now.

Yes. Like that.

So good, to go so deep,

whenever I say “secret sleep,”

and you’re safe, and you’re doing fantastically well,

and doing better in a moment

when you let go even further

and down you go now.

Oh, that is so great.

Your relaxation just went ten times greater than it is now,

and when I say “secret sleep,”

your body and mind remember what it’s like to

relax and let go


whenever I say “secret sleep”

you immediately let go completely

like you are now.

That is so good of you. You are always going

to be this good and let go completely

and return to this depth of trance

whenever I say “secret sleep.”

Now, unconscious mind, go to this page

to deepen your trance even more

and receive instructions.